Musky and Pike Fishing - Northwoods of Wisconsin

June 30, 2017
This is always a video I love doing each year. Not just because I'm up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, but because I'm at Pine Point Resort attempting to boat some muskies! As you will hear me talk about, this lake certainly doesn't have big fish... but the action is still awesome! Catching a musky is always a blast, no matter the size... but big fish are always great ;) We sure had some weird weather, arriving to 87 degrees and sunny... dropping down to 47 one night. The wind, rain and thunderstorms hampered some of the action, but with some needed change-ups, we put some fish in the boat. Three muskies showed themselves in the boat (all under 40") but got some fun footage along with the CRAZY Northern Pike action. It was nuts! This was our eighth year up at Pine Point and up until this year, we have only put one pike in the boat... at most... each year. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Be sure to check out the social media pages for pics and outtakes from this trip! If you want to get up and enjoy this Northwoods experience, check out for details about the resort. Tight Lines. Stay Dry. - Kyle

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